Hasci Italia: how to solve the problem of hair loss?

Hasci Italia is your point of reference


Hair loss is a very common problem nowadays and which involves a situation of discomfort for those who experience it.


It affects both men and women, although the former are those most predisposed to this problem that begin to manifest from a young age.


Baldness causes great psychological discomfort in those affected and many anti-fall treatments performed to date have never given the desired results. Today it is finally possible to stop baldness thanks to Hasci Italia, the number one brand for those who need a safe, satisfying anti-hair loss remedy with guaranteed results.


Hasci Italia represents a solid reference point for those who wish to obtain thick hair as they once had. Through cutting-edge technologies, the well-known brand takes care of patients’ hair guaranteeing them a healthy and natural hair.


The Hair Stem Cell Transplantation method


Hasci Italia uses the method called Hair Stem Cell Transplantation, a revolutionary transplant based on long years of stem cell research.


It is a highly recommended method for anyone, men and women alike, and has proven to be absolutely more effective than any other treatment, ensuring a permanent result. This method was devised by the scientist Dr. Coen Gho who for more than 30 years has been studying stem cells, which represent an effective ally against hair loss, together with his team.


The method is based on the ability of stem cells to regenerate, but what makes this method truly unique is that only a small portion of the hair follicle is taken from the donor area, rather than the entire follicle. In fact, it has been found that even a very small portion contains a sufficient amount of stem cells needed to grow new hair in the receptor area.


Precisely because there are new hair follicles very close together, a high density of hair is created in a completely natural way. And this is precisely the real revolution: a transplant is not carried out from one area to another, but the growth of new hair is favored in the transplanted area, thus establishing a natural regrowth process without further surgery.


Why choose Hasci Italia?


Hasci Italia employs an expert team made up of the best doctors and paramedics, as well as researchers and technicians.

Choosing this clinic to undergo hair transplantation means using the best experts in the sector able to guarantee certain and proven results and return to having a thick hair.


Hasci Italia has always been synonymous with professionalism, competence and quality. Starting a journey with this team of professionals means to overcome once and for all that great discomfort caused by baldness and to smile again. A team of professionals will offer you a first free consultation in order to recommend the best solution based on your problem. Visit the official website to request more information, the team of experts will be happy to help you.