Solve the problem of baldness with Hasci Swiss

How to solve the problem of baldness?

Baldness is characterized by partial or total hair loss, and when this problem is considerable, it is called alopecia. The problem of hair loss can be really embarrassing for those who experience it, and today there are many men and women who feel uncomfortable, even if the male audience is more affected.

In fact, nowadays there are many people who suffer from alopecia and if once it was thought of using wigs to mask the problem, now we are aiming for solutions. Today hair transplantation represents the only solution in this sense, a technique capable of fighting baldness of all kinds, including that of a genetic nature.

Hasci Swiss
is the reference brand for those who want to turn the page and finally have thick hair. Hasci Swiss uses state-of-the-art technologies that take care of the hair of its patients, guaranteeing them a healthy and natural hair. The method used by Hasci Swiss is called Hair Stem Cell Transplantation and is an absolutely revolutionary transplant based on long years of research experience on hair stem cells.

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation: the method adopted by Hasci Swiss

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation was conceived by Dr. Coen Gho who dedicated himself with great passion to the study of a transplantation technique that used hair stem cells. In the past, the doctor found himself working with young burn patients, personally seeing how painful the hair transplant could be and left quite noticeable scars.

The technique consists in taking a small part of the follicle, leaving the remaining part intact. The part of the follicle that is taken is implanted in a tissue with stem cells and transplanted to the area to be filled. Therefore, if the area from which the follicle was taken does not become impoverished but rather continues with its natural regrowth process, the transplanted area is enriched with new follicles.

The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia and therefore is not at all painful for the patient. The first results will not be visible immediately, but it will be necessary to wait 9 months. Hair Stem Cell Transpantation is a method recommended for anyone, men and women alike, and has proven to be much more effective than any other treatment.


Why choose Hasci Swiss?

The regenerative capacity of stem cells gives life to a greater number of hairs starting from a single graft. Following the transplant performed by Hasci Swiss, each patient will obtain a thick and natural hair with minimal or almost no scars thanks to the ability of the scalp to regenerate. The clinic boasts a lot of positive feedback from patients satisfied with the results obtained.
The intervention is performed by a medical staff of the highest level, a team of trained specialists who are constantly updated on the latest news. From the first appointment, each patient will be followed step by step in choosing the best treatment to perform. The clinic also makes use of the most modern innovative techniques, the result of more than many years of activity, which is why Hasci Swiss continues to be a great guarantee in the trichology sector, therefore the best response in the presence of baldness.