Italian espresso coffee: one aroma as a national symbol

Italian espresso coffee is a national symbol all over the world. The difference between espresso and coffee is the fineness of the grinding and the time needed to prepare the drink. Is an Italian invention dating back to the early 1900s, which then spread throughout the world. The main feature of espresso is the fact that it is obtained by infusion under pressure.

What you get is a very concentrated drink, although originally this was not the main purpose of the new extraction technology, as to prepare coffee quickly. The word “espresso” derives from the speed with which the coffee was prepared (originally it took about 45 seconds), which was made at the time, only for the customer who had requested it. However, in other countries, the word expressed means the technology with which it is prepared, that is, “under pressure”.

Italian espresso coffee: shop online

The secret of a good coffee is in a quality blend: Filicori Zecchini has always offered its customers blends, beans, pods to enjoy the effects and taste of one of the best Italian coffee. Espresso coffee spread in Italy in the early 1900s, many bars were born and soon became places of socialization. Italian emigrants spread espresso coffee all over the world, starting from Germany and the USA, while at a later time also mass tourism contributed to make the espresso coffee known to foreign tourists and consequently to make it popular in the countries of origin.

Filicori is one of the most famous luxury coffee brand in USA: you can shop the products online and receive them at your home. On the website you can find different indications and specificities of the various mixtures, from arabica, to forte, delicato, india.

If you want to feel the true aroma of Italian espresso coffee you just have to order and taste.