Summer, book a boat tour in Sorrento

This summer you want to sail along the Tyrrhenian coast as a couple or with friends: great idea! Book a boat Tour in Sorrento and discover how a Greek sailor feels on the ancient route of the sirens of Ulysses. The most beautiful boat tour in Sorrento is offered by Brivido Marine, a rental boat managed by two Neapolitan sea wolves, Carlo and Antonio, in via marina di Cassano in Piano di Sorrento. Here you first choose the boat that is right for you: small and manageable or larger, for a tour that makes you enjoy unique views from the sea. Start from the exclusive beach of the Baths of Queen Giovanna in Sorrento to get to Capri, touching the beaches of Marina Piccola and Marina Grande, two small jewels. Then leave for the Sorrento coast touching Nerano, with its splendid pristine sea and Marina della Lobra, a small fishing center that has remained intact over time.

Reservations and boat rentals can be made from 9 am to 6 pm also by phone by calling Carlo at the number 3283340477 or Antonio at the 3662719439. The idea of driving a boat alone does not smile at you? Ask them for assistance, they know by heart the most evocative views of this beautiful coast. Travel with family in tow, you are afraid that the boat excursion will tire the children: do not worry, do the same a boat tour by booking seats on a charter. This type of boat is ideal for admiring the view without worries. Wondering how much the excursions cost? The costs of a boat tour on the Sorrento coast are very affordable compared to the same ride with owned boat; but the excitement of the adventure is the same. Returning from your tour you just leave the boat behind, without the thought of looking for a suitable place to anchor it: Carlo and Antonio think of everything!