Moonrock drugs: how to treat yourself to small moments of relaxation

Moonrock drug: characteristics   

The Moonrock drug is unique. Pink Moonrock is the product with the highest concentration of cannabidiol CBD for sale on the legal cannabis market. It looks like normal cannabis covered in resin and entirely covered in a pink powder. The inflorescences resemble balls of earth. Once opened, however, the flowers inside are covered with pink CBD powder. The aroma and flavour depend on the variety used. In general, the flavour is strong and fruity. For its base variety, Flower Farm uses Gelato 33, Green Gelato and Strawberry, thus ensuring a strong, fresh aroma and flavour. The main difference between light cannabis and other, much more dangerous marijuana derivatives is the concentration of THC. This substance is naturally present in the plant and must be contained within the thresholds set by law. This means that it does not generate hallucinations or other dangerous health effects. Light cannabis can also be purchased in liquid form, as processed tissue or as an inflorescence. Its characteristic aroma is due to the presence of terpenes, i.e. the resins and essential oils it contains. The main benefits derived from taking cannabidiol are relaxation, reduction of anxiety, control of panic attacks and, more generally, a positive response from the body. 

Cannabis light: where to buy it to be on the safe side

To purchase the best quality Moonrock drug, one can rely on the expertise and professionalism of Flower Farm, which has been a reference point in the sector for years. It is an Italian company that produces and distributes hemp products with a high CBD content. All light cannabis products made by Flower Farm come from Italian indoor or greenhouse cultivations and have certifications that guarantee the entire production chain, from origin to cultivation methods, manual harvesting and the absence of chemical additives.